Monday, June 11, 2012

High Beck Tavern

Somehow, and I'm not quite sure how, I've never been to High Beck Tavern without something weird happening. I'm not talking zombie-apocalypse-weird or even stranger-proposes-marriage weird, just slightly-off-kilter-weird and probably-worth-mentioning-later-to-friends-weird and definitely-going-on-the-blog-weird.

High Beck is located on the edge of German Village, right at the intersection of--fittingly--High and Beck. I've found that it's a fairly popular happy hour locale, presumably due to its central location, large interior, cheap drinks, and the fact that it has not only an outdoor patio, but also a pool table. Oh, yeah, and they casually give away free food every Monday and Tuesday. That might have something to do with it, too.

The first time I went to High Beck was with a friend of mine who was a member of my sorority in college and had already been living in Columbus for a few years. We were having a sort of "girls' night out" shindig where we tried to relive the college glory days with cheap beer in crowded locations. High Beck did not disappoint. It started out just fine, and then...

Enter weirdness: A man, obviously drunk, apparently at the bar alone, wandering the place and striking up conversation with young, pretty women. Which is pretty commonplace for any bar, but the special High Beck touch was that this particular man was trying to woo women by playing the spoons. But actually. Like, taking two spoons, and slamming them against each other, and trying to play music on them. In case you are unfamiliar with spoon playing, here is a YouTube video to demonstrate what I mean.

As a side note, the man in that video is not the same man who was spoon-playing for me at High Beck. Which means there are multiple men on earth who think eating utensils rank among the sexier musical instruments and that proficiency with spoons will somehow enable them to slay mad biddies. But I digress.

The second time I went to High Beck was with a group from work for a co-worker's farewell party. We walked in the door, and...

Enter weirdness: Balloons. Everywhere. Balloons. I just...I can't even...balloons. So. Many. Balloons. I'm still not entirely sure what they were for. They were for balloons. Meta-balloons, celebrating balloondom. I really do not know, but they were everywhere, like someone was having an "Up"-themed birthday party. And since we were in a bar, that "someone" would have to be an adult, which would be...a little weird.

The evening got even weirder later on, when Boyfriend picked me up from the bar so we could grab sushi for dinner. At the end of the meal when I went to pay for my half of our sushi rolls (yeah, we're all modern like that), I couldn't find my debit card...and realized I left it at High Beck. Forgetting my debit card is a highly uncharacteristic thing for me to do, and I realized it only happened because I ordered one beer, left my tab open, and then sat there for two hours without ever ordering anything else, so I ended up forgetting that I never closed my tab. I went back to collect it after dinner. The balloons were still there.

So that's three weird High Beck-related things in one evening: Ubiquitous balloons. I forget my debit card. I drink only one beer over the course of two hours.

What a world.

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