Saturday, July 2, 2011

Short North Tavern

With the exception of Thurman Cafe (post about that coming soon!), pretty much every overly popular restaurant in Columbus is located along the little stretch of High Street known as the Short North (I don't understand the name, either, because it's not particularly short and "north" seems to be a pretty relative descriptor). Most of the bars and restaurants in the area can be decently's just that you're looking at vast overcrowding and two-hour waits if you want a seat on a Friday or Saturday night. Short North Tavern, however, has somehow missed the rabid popularity that plagues nearly every other establishment on High Street, and I think that's what I like most about the place.

Short North Tavern is a dive bar, and not the sort of trendy faux-dive bar (like Village Idiot) which is common amongst the Columbus college scene. It looks a bit run down from the outside, and is pretty easily overlooked surrounded as it is by the most fashionable of Columbus's dining establishments--in fact, the only reason I even noticed it in the first place is because it's about three buildings down from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, which means you're neck-and-neck with the Tavern for a good part of your thirty-minute-long wait to grab a dish at Jeni's. Inside, the Tavern is a no-nonsense, very straight-up bar with a few tables; they serve food, too, though Boyfriend and I just grabbed a few drinks. It's the sort of typical midwestern bar that I'd expect of my hometown in Indiana, and it's a refreshing change from the often pretentious popularity of most of Columbus's bars. The bartender ribbed me when I payed for the drinks (Boyfriend had payed for dinner earlier that night, so it was only fair), and I had to do so in cash--the Tavern is probably one of three places left in North America that still doesn't accept cards. The best part was the young child running around the bar; like I said, they serve food, too, so presumably the child was there for the mac n' cheese and not the beer. But, hey, who knows.

On a different note, I'm terrifically sorry if the posts have been somewhat colorless lately; Boyfriend and I went through a spell of relatively uneventful bar-going for a while there. But I've got some great ones coming up, I promise! In fact, Short North Tavern was our last drinking experience before we entered The Month From Hell (also known as June 2011), so there are some pretty wild stories to go along with that.

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